Santiago de Compostela, October 8-11, 2019

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Santiago de Compostela

Instructions for sending communications

Type of communication: When submitting the abstract, a type of communication should be selected: oral or poster. From that moment on, the decision of the Scientific Committee must be awaited. There is no limit to the number of abstracts sent by authors.

Oral communications

Once the abstract has been accepted for presentation as an oral communication and the corresponding registration has been made at the meeting, the preparation of the presentation can begin.

The oral presentation must be in English.

The speaking time for Plenary Conferences is 45 minutes. The speaking time for the rest of the talks is 20 minutes (the ideal would be 15 minutes of presentation plus 5 min for questions), except for the talks presented in the Young Researchers Sessions which is 10 minutes (the ideal would be 7 minutes of presentation plus 3 min for questions).

Files will be uploaded to computers running Windows 7 or superior with Microsoft Office 2010, so extensions such as .ppt and .pptx are allowed. Authors must provide the organization with a copy of their presentation, at least two hours before the start of their session, although we recommend doing so the day before their presentation. It is recommended to take a backup copy of this file in different storage devices and also, if possible, in PDF format in case there are other types of problems.

Poster communications

Once the abstract has been accepted for poster presentation and the online registration process has been completed at the meeting, poster preparation can begin.

  • Poster orientation should be portrait, NOT landscape. Poster size should be as maximum (90 cm x 1200 cm).

  • Minimum font size for all text: 18 pt.

  • Text and graphics must be readable from 1 meter away.

Authors must be physically present with their posters during the corresponding session, which will be indicated in the final version of the Scientific Program.

Flash communications

The Scientific Committee will choose, from among all the Poster communications presented, some of them to be presented in Flash communication format. If chosen, the responsible authors will be informed that their poster has been selected for additional presentation in flash format when notification of acceptance of the poster is made (31 July 2019). In flash format, the author must do a brief oral presentation (5 minutes) on the most relevant aspects of the research presented in the poster, which will be indicated in the final version of the Scientific Programme. Audiovisual support (slides) may be available for this short oral presentation.

You can download the abstract template:

Abstract Submission Form:

Involving entities: